Welcome to Roneyfield Rabbitry!

We are a small family-run Holland Lop rabbitry based out of Fredericksburg Virginia. We spoil our rabbits with healthy greens, lots of love and Cuddles, so you can enjoy these gentle sweet tempered friendly snuggle bunnies, just like we do! We always make sure that they have good personalities and are sweet and gentle okay.. So you get the best experience and your pet 🙂 We keep clean cages, and our buns even have toys ♥

It started out with me (Sara) just wanting to breed my boy “Rocky” to my rescue girl to preserve his color, since he’s a stunning bunny…and as the months went by, I started thinking about making it into a business where we could make people happy with adorable bunnies just like him. Now, we’ve finally turned a little thought into a dream…into a reality. ♥ We love making people happy with adorable snuggle-bunnies! Even the kids help out!

HERE ARE SOME PICS OF US (John, Sara, Little John, and Abigail) And some behind the scenes of how we started the rabbitry! 🙂