These are our parents that we use in our small program, and a little bit about each one πŸ™‚ β™₯



“LAILA”   (Blue Seal Doe, proven)

We are going to get her from some breeders who are friends of ours, and they’re getting out of Holland Lops, so we’re excited to be able to get her!  πŸ™‚  She’s already had at least two litters, and 8 babies each time!  She makes beautiful babies!  We’re excited πŸ™‚ 

“MISTY”  (Frosty Doe) 

Misty had her first litter of babies with “Bongo” in September, but it was a surprise pregnancy to us, and all 5 babies died.  πŸ™  She is due on October 30th, so fingers crossed we do better this time!  (I’ve heard first time Mom rabbits can lose their babies sometimes  :/  )   


This shy girl is super sweet, but because she was never handled from the original breeder, she is pretty skittish of being held.  She somehow took a liking to me, and has allowed me (most of the time) to pick her up or carry her.  She is just a very reserved rabbit, but never has been mean, and as soon as you start petting her, she’ll freeze, close her eyes, and be the happiest bunny ever. 

“HOPE” (VM Blue-eyed Harlequin Doe) 

A little shy, but super nice, and she’s got the most beautiful blue eyes!  We’re hoping to get some absolutely stunning babies from her β™₯


We drove all the way to West Virginia to pick up this beauty, but totally worth every second of the gorgeous drive!  She’s a beautiful girl, and well-mannered.  She, like “Misty”, loves to jump on top of her box in her house, like a little goat.  πŸ™‚  We were told that she had a litter of babies previously from the last breeder, but because of an accident, she lost them all.  So we’re crossing our fingers that she has success on round 2, just like “Misty”.   

“BONGO” (Blue Fawn Harlequin Buck) 

This little guy (only 2 pounds!!!) is packed full with super sweet personality!  He’s curious, and will always come greet you and give you kisses when you open his door!  


He loves the ladies…ALOT.  πŸ™‚  But he’s super sweet on “Misty”.  That’s his favorite girl, and they will sit right next to each other on either side of wire and stare at each other and kiss noses all day long.  It’s sooo adorable β™₯  We drove to Roanoke Virginia for this guy, and he was already hopping out of the box to see who these new people were to come see him!  Super sweet, loads of fun and no ounce of meanness in him.  

“SMUDGE” (Frosty Buck) 

This…boy….is…the sweetest bunny!!!!  Even the Vet told us that when we took him in for a sick-visit!  (he got a bunny-cold, which if not treated, can kill them).  He will give you kisses, bump your hand for more kisses, and just adores being held and pet!  He especially likes his head and ears rubbed!


So, for Smudge…we drove up to PA to pick him up!  He was very well handled and cared for, and it shows.  we just continued it here with him.  He is the only bunny we have that got sick, and is still battling the cold slightly now…so he can’t go play with the other bunnies just yet…till he’s all the way better!  πŸ™‚  But he takes his medicine like a good boy every day, and the doctor said it shouldn’t be too long!  πŸ™‚