Please read & agree to our terms.

We raise Purebred Pedigreed Holland Lops and are located in Fredericksburg Virginia, just one hour south of Washington DC.

Our rabbits are high quality rabbits, and we breed for beautiful colors and personality. (personality is #1 for us)
► THESE ARE NOT MEAT RABBITS! We ONLY sell them as pets or show rabbits!

• ​We only have one or two litters at a time.. so we can give each mama and her babies the special extra care and attention they deserve.

Our babies are $150.00-200 currently, depending on the color. (some colors are more sought after or hard to get, so they are more expensive) Prices subject to change per bunny.

• Each bunny comes with a zip-loc bag of Transition food.. Mix equal parts of your food. (this way, the switching of foods doesn’t upset their system) You will also receive a birth certificate for your bunny, as well as a pedigree, to make it more fun and special when you take your bunny home!

• Holland lops are dwarf rabbits and they weight 2-4 pounds full grown. They are smaller than any other lop eared rabbit.
​The lifespan of a dwarf rabbit is usually between 7 and 12 years.

• Deposit’s are non-refundable

• Deposit can be done by clicking on the rabbit of your choice and “buying” the deposit through our site here under “Our Babies”.

• At time of pick up, we can do cash, paypal, venmo, cashapp, cash, or credit card.

• Please note that all our bunnies are best guesses on colors and adult size….There are over 240 rabbit genotypes…..Some colors “change” …
We do our best to school ourselves in genetics but it’s always everyone’s best guess… No refunds if you decide you don’t like the coloring

• We have the right to cancel or refuse adoption , if a deposit has been paid after We decide to cancel the sale due to the
​rabbit being sick/injured the deposit will be refunded (that is the only time a deposit will be returned!)

• All the rabbits are handled multiple times a day & spoiled rotten.

• “Roneyfield Rabbits” has first pick of rabbits.. unless we tell you other wise.

• No Holland will leave our care until they are at least 8 weeks old. (In the State of Virginia, it’s illegal to sell them until they are 8 weeks old)

• All of our Holland Lops are very sweet tempered, however, we can’t guarantee that any rabbit purchased will never bite or scratch. Under no circumstances am I responsible for any damage caused by the rabbit to personal property or any personal injury, such as biting or scratching.

• No adoptions to anyone under 18 without parents permission

• We do not knowingly adopt any sick rabbits, our rabbits will be healthy to the best of our knowledge when they leave the rabbitry. We are not responsible for the rabbit’s health after it leaves. Please do not feed fruits or vegetables or treats from a pet store to rabbits under 6 months of age.

• We do not allow play dates to see if your rabbit will get a long with the one your adopting.

• We are not responsible for any vet costs after the rabbit has been sold.

• Sexing rabbits at a young age can be difficult. Sometime we tell the wrong sex by mistake. Please keep that in mind when you purchase a young rabbit. We do check several times and try to be as accurate as possible. But a mistake can happen! No refunds on wrong gender rabbits.


•Each Pet bunny comes with a custom designed and printed Birth Certificate to commemorate your new bunny addition!

• Each rabbit comes with a pedigree printed out in a plastic jacket

• Please bring your own carrier or box on pick up.

• We will provide your rabbit with enough food to transition (50% mix with the food you choose) for a couple of days till their systems adjust.

•We currently do not deliver. Also we currently do NOT ship. All rabbits for sale are pick up only. (this may change as we progress in our business)

•Please be on time as best you can.. I’ll wait 30 minutes past pick up time.. if you don’t show.. then you forfeit the deposit.

In the event you can’t keep the rabbit we will take it back without a refund of the rabbit. And sometimes you have to provide its cage, I don’t have a lot of space to keep extra rabbits.

ALL ADOPTIONS ARE FINAL … Terms are subject to change without notice!
If you have any questions ,please feel free to message us..
​Thank you! We appreciate your business and your love for cute little bunnies!

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