We are still adding to our cabinet as we gain knowledge and wisdom, but these are the things we started with.

• The Recovery Food (on the left) which you can buy on Amazon, is only if you have a sick rabbit recovering.

• The VET-RX is extremely helpful if you get a rabbit who unfortunately catches “snuffles” which is like a cold, but it can kill your rabbit. The VetRX actually can help cure or help keep rabbit from getting worse till they can see a vet. (we experienced this first hand with our boy “Smudge”!)

• The Vita-Drops we add once a month in our bunny’s water bottles, just to add some extra nutrients to their systems.

• In order to maintain all the probiotic properties, we use organic ACV with the mother in it. ACV has great health benefits, so long as it is apple cider vinegar and not apple-flavored distilled white vinegar. Apple cider vinegar protects the rabbit’s immune system and reduces urinary tract problems like infections and sludge (caused by excess calcium) and promotes a less potent urine, thereby reducing odor. Rabbits’ bodies are regulated by ACV, which prevents skin infections and bacterial infections. Weepy eyes and other eye problems will also be helped by this PH adjustment. The rabbit’s fur remains softer and shinier when treated with ACV.

​In the opinion of many rabbit breeders, adding ACV to rabbits’ water will result in healthier rabbits since it will increase the absorption abilities of nutrients from the digestive system and improve digestion. According to extensive historical veterinary studies, adding ACV to feed or water can cure mastitis infections and reduce bacteria transmission rates.

As well as boosting fertility rates, ACV is also believed to increase the number of female kits in a litter, as well as creating more willing breeding does. ACV makes bunnies un-pleasing to fleas and mites by making the rabbit smell a bit different, making it a great repellent and overall tonic for health. You can also mix a few drops of ACV and a bit of mineral oil to treat for ear mites by dropping 4 or 5 drops in each ear holding the ear flap closed for a minute or so. Then just gently rub the base of the rabbit’s ear.

ACV is also great at keeping algae at bay from growing inside the water bottles during the summer time.  If you show your rabbits, or transport them somewhere, the water will taste the same.

• I also use Echinacea and Goldenseal (bought at GNC) cold pressed oils in any rabbit’s water that needs an extra boost for their immunity or respiratory system.

• Last but not least, Oregano. High quality pure oregano oil can be a power-house of help when it comes to health boosts. I don’t recommend using a lot. We just keep it on hand if we need it. I would mix a few drops in oatmeal and give it to them in the winter once a month. This isn’t neccesary. We just keep it on hand now.