We were blessed with 8 bouncing (and I mean bouncing, LOL) babies from Rosie! This is the biggest litter she’s ever had, and she’s such an amazing Mom! She had ONE runt in the litter, and that runt is just fine! ♥ She has NEVER lost any babies…and she’s the most relaxed doe I’ve ever met! She’s definitely an all-star!

We still have to try and sex them all, but they’re going fast, and lots of people asking! We do a $50 deposit for each baby, then $100 on pickup or before…depending on your fancy. Each baby comes with pedigree, transitional food, and a special name certificate. They are all super sweet just like their parents, and will make the best pets! 🙂

You can always schedule a meeting…where we take the babies out to the play pen and you can meet them! That way you’re comfortable with the buns.

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